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A new product: the Rototranslating door

Written by  Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Now, the revolutionary Rototranslating Opening System is available for fitting to all door types in the Tondin collections! 
The Tondin range of doors is enhanced with a new opening system, designed to ensure that the opening mechanism is housed in the door jamb, without affecting the aesthetic appeal of the door. In this way, all types of door, blind or with glass panels, including the doors in the Modules range, are available with this type of opening system.



The new Rototranslating doors ensure a 60% reduction in overall dimensions when the door opens. In this way, small rooms become accessible, and a solution is provided for the confined spaces of modern homes. The Rototranslating opening system is also an effective solution for people with disabilities, who can easily push or pull the door, while remaining in a frontal position. We offer all this, with a wide choice of aesthetic customisation, which has always characterised the Tondin brand.

Details of the Rototranslating door:

The Rototranslating opening system can be fitted to all door types in our collections: from the honeycomb-core doors in our Plane collection to our laminated door collections, with either a central panel or a glass panel. The door can be made with 3 different types of door jamb: Square, Angled or Rounded. This special type of opening system is provided with a standard Magnetica lock.



The door can be opened with a push or pull action.
 When open, the door projects about halfway to the external side and halfway into a room, instead of projecting on just one side along its entire width. In this way, a considerable reduction in the overall dimensions is obtained when the door opens. Furthermore, during the opening movement, the door is aligned parallel with the door jamb, thus enabling the remaining net door opening width to be fully exploited. Aesthetically speaking, the door is very similar to a standard hinged door. In fact, the Rototranslating movement is obtained with a special rod mechanism, which adapts to any type of panel. The Rototranslating door with its minimalist design, a fundamental feature of Tondin products, easily integrates with the style of your home.



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