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The basement: confortable like a living-room, but way more informal; a personal space to furnish with a style which is free, spontaneous and, if one wishes, also totally different from the rest of the house's design.

Yes, because when we think about the basement, we imagine a confortable, warm and rustic space, a safe shelter, separated with the rest of the house, able to host a crowd dinner, a last-minute meal with friends or also relax and hobbys of our free time.

On the magazine "Showroom Porte e Finestre" n. 4 - April 2015, it was published an article where Tondin Porte explains, through the employment of green varnishes totally free of petrochemical-origin elements, the 100% Natural Finishes line.

They are an excellent protection for interiors: they enhance the wooden surfaces' resistance and protect them, making the surfaces homogeneous and highlighting their natural grain.

These Finishes are a great solution for those who want a Green house.

Luca Tondin took part in an interview published on the "Tecnogramma" magazine n. 34 of June 2015, related to System Partner Maico, a precious ally for realization of facilities with elevated energetic performances.

Lots of manufacturers, but also architect and resellers count on a System Partner Maico to supply quality systems for installation, using Libra, the modular structure (Thermocasse) for Hardware and darkening systems laying, without metal components, ultra-light and without thermal bridges.


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