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Lost boxes of new 100% Natural Finishes examples: Detective story at Tondin Porte

Written by  Wednesday, 16 July 2014
The boxes with wooden examples of the new Natural varnishes and finishes. The boxes with wooden examples of the new Natural varnishes and finishes.

Read this incredible article appeared on the famous newspaper THE WOOD STREET JOURNAL!
The creative team celebrates after the escape, but it's already thinking about the new natural finishes for interior doors and wooden hardware.


Lost boxes of new 100% Natural finishes examples: detective story at Tondin Porte

team-creativo-festeggiamenti After four long months of inprisonment, the creative team of Tondin Porte is finally free and is now celebrating!
 The équipe members have been able to evade from the cage where the owner Luca Tondin was keeping them, this because he was afraid of a possible escape of ideas, after the group obtained excellent results on an innovative project, the first on earth, which provides the realization of a system of finishes for doors, wooden hardware and accessories, exclusively in WOOD, varnished with 100% NATURAL finishes.

The isolation period didn't hit the team's spirit. The team, as a confidential source says, resumed to work in a super-secret place.
Their objective? To spread all around the world the real natural wood culture, for exterior and interior finishes of people's houses, and exalt them using 100% eco-friendly varnishes, with lots of biological components! For this reason, they immediately started to work, preparing elegant boxes containing various examples of the new eco-friendly varnishes, with a delicate citrus fruits scent, and obtained just with natural elements, like flowers, plants and minerals.

Nevertheless, the team didn't consider the excellent sniff of sales agents, which noticed the fruity smell of Natural Finish's collection varnishes: once they had identified the team's refuge, the agents went there during the night and stole the boxes containing all the precious examples.
box-natural-finishIt is not sure what the destiny of these new green finishes will be, but, considering the agents' wild nature, it's very probable that they already gave all the kits to their resellers.  

But the mystery intensifies further, in fact, rumor has it that the team members, taken by the frenzy of the new product announcement, lost something very important, and this object is surely inside one of the special boxes! Who knows, maybe between the already lucky holders of the boxes, there is one which is definitely luckier than the others...

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