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Frangisole con stecche orientabili Frangisole con stecche orientabili

Over the available different range of windows the market is offering several models of elements to match and combine with themselves.

These accessories can perform different functions, from the obscuring to weather protection, the improvement of the thermal insulation of increasing safety.


Sunscreens are an element of architecture designed to protect buildings facades, windows and interior from the sun, in order to contain overheatingTheir operation is similar to those of the known Venetian blinds for interiors.

Sunscreens are available in different materials (wood, metal, or reinforced concrete) and with fixed or adjustable slats, allowing, in this second case, light passage control into the house.

One of the great post­employment of sunscreens is, due to their configuration, protection from the sun even when the sun is high in the summer, while in winter, when the sun is lower, consent of filtering light to the interior of the house, optimizing energy efficiency.




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