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Diamond Interior Doors

Diamond internal doors, joined at 45° for a pleasant geometrical effect Diamond internal doors, joined at 45° for a pleasant geometrical effect

Interior doors collection DIAMOND

The Greeks in the ancient times believed diamonds to be splinters of stars fallen on earth. A few of them even said that they were tears of gods.
The collection DIAMOND regains diamond shapes in sawmilling to achieve harmonic and delicate doors labeled by perfect balance between uniqueness and luxury. Diamond, style details for a singular unique door.




Interior wood doors with gleaned profile, veneered shapes or laquered.
Transoms and uprights 45° coupling by mechanical system to matching nicely with linings retrieving a sparkling diamond with many facets.
Painting performed with fully non-toxic water-based products or, upon request, with 100% natural and environmentally friendly paints (no petrochemical origin elements ) of the new range Natural Finish.


wood-and-finishes-small glazing-small opening-directions-small






cerniere-a-bilico-registrabili-3 Standard flush adjustable HINGES
type PIVOT standard
with sash rotating 180°
serratura-magnetica-2 Patent magnetic lock 
anta-senza-battuta-1 SASH flush jamb coprifili-a-sormonto-stipite-su-misura-1

Sole piece jamb in wood strips
bespoke to wall thickness
to the millimeter

coprifili-a-sormonto-totale Total jamb overlap lining
and extruded foam gasket

Gleaned profile
mechanically joined 45°




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