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100% Natural Finishes for Wooden Doors and Windows

Written by  Wednesday, 11 December 2013
100% Natural Varnishes for wooden and wooden-aluminium interior doors and windows 100% Natural Varnishes for wooden and wooden-aluminium interior doors and windows

Finally we did it! After months of tests and ideas we are glad to present a new proposal to improve your life and your health.

Paying special attention to YOUR needs and to love for nature and wood, we decided to introduce an innovative type of dyes among our range of finishes for the year 2014: the 100% NATURAL FINISHES.

Natural Varnishes for interior doors and windows

What are the natural finishes?

The natural finishes are products for the treatment of surfaces which are composed 100% from completely natural elements and realized with the cleanest and most sustainable raw materials in the world: plants and minerals. They are, in fact, made solely of substances such as ethereal oils and tree resins, swelling clays, waxes and organic colourants.
Through a high quality scientific research, it is possible to obtain an extremely abundant variety of raw materials from hundreds of different vegetable and mineral species, attentively selected also on the basis of their origin. These different primary products will then be employed to realize the dyes and waxes which are used for the finishing of your furniturefloors, and in this particular case also of your interior doors and various types of windows.


Natural varnishes with sustainable elements

Why use 100% Natural Finishes?

Because they are safe for those who produce them, for those who use them, and for those who live in the house.
Natural finishes, in fact, are absolutely free from solvents, with pigments and binding agents of natural origin, and they guarantee at any time the maximum safety for health and respect for the sorrounding environment. This effect then duplicates, when one thinks that these types of paints not only are favourable for people and their well-being inside of the house, but they also help the external environment during the productive process itself, because the original raw materials are completely organic and biodegradable, and do not harm the environment when, at the end of their productive cycle, they return to the original ecosystem.


green finishes for interior doors and windows

And on interior doors and windows?

100% natural finishes represent an excellent protection for your precious interiors, be they floors, furniture or doors and windows, in addition to being an undisputed choice for the quality of your life.
The advantages of this kind of treatment for the wood of doors and windows, both interior and exterior, are numerous.
When treated with these finishes, in fact, the wood which is present inside of the house does not release any type of exhalation of artificial origin, reducing thus the domestic pollution; on the contrary, it positively contributes to the balancing of the natural humidity of the house, assuring its regular perspiration, which is essential for the well-being of the people living in it.


natural varnishes for the home sustainability

Depending on the specific type, the natural finishes, furthermore, increase the resistance of wooden surfaces to abrasions and spots, maintain an excellent colour stability in the course of time, and they also uniform the surfaces on which they are used. They prevent the wood from peeling and coming off and they require an extremely easy maintainance. Furthermore, they protect it from water, atmospheric agents, humidity, mould and mildew, highlighting its natural grain (some finishes have already been recognized for the Resistance test according to the European standard for exterior wood coatings EN 927).
In addition, some finishes contain special oils, as for instance orange oil (which is used as a natural solvent), which give to the treated surfaces a pleasant fragrance of citrus fruit.


Natural Varnishes available in different colours

What are the advantages of Natural Finishes in comparison to conventional varnishes?

100% natural finishes are able to satisfy the most diverse needs, without causing harm to health and reducing the domestic pollution. They are available in a vast range of colours and shades, which allows to have a wide choice of finishes, from the most natural to the most eclectic ones.
They are different from the "simple" ecological varnishes, which use water based solvents but whose principal components are nonetheless deriving from the chemical synthesis, precisely because all the substances used for their realization are not of a petrochemical origin.


natural varnishes for windows and entry doors

In addition to all this:

- they are odourless or pleasantly scented, therefore it is not necessary to ventilate the room where they are used;
- they do not contain harmful or toxic volatile compounds, which can damage the environment or create allergies or illnesses (deriving from chemical substances);
- they are not dangerous for children, and they are also tested in accordance with DIN EN 71, part 3: 'safety of toys', and DIN 53160: 'saliva and perspiration-proof';
- they facilitate the perspiration of the materials on which they are used;
- in some cases they absorb particulates;
- they easily allow a periodic maintainance, thanks to a simple and quick restoration which gives a new tone to the wood;
The natural finishes give then excellent results both in terms of product duration, protection and beauty. Last but not least, they are nice to the touch.

And you? What type of finishes do you choose for your house?






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