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Restoration and Maintenance of an Ancient Wooden Front Door

Written by  Thursday, 28 January 2016

To guarantee duration and excellent performances in aesthetical and functional terms to the wooden hardware of your house, it is a good habit to periodically monitor its aesthetical conditions and its proper functioning, so it's possible, eventually, to intervene in case of need.

In addition to normal maintenance interventions, which often consist of simple works such as regular cleaning of surfaces and components, lubricating, adjusting and refreshing the protective film of the varnish, Tondin Porte proposes also interventions of conservative restoration, especially for those historical buildings which need to keep inalterate all their artistic peculiarities, very often victims of dangerous deterioration.

In this context, Tondin Porte has in recent times succesfully experienced a new conservative restoration technique, which involves the use of a particular system of dry paint stripping. In particular, these works were focused on recovering some front doors and wooden hardware of a historical Villa in Vicenza.

The maintenance work has been done on the spot, with delicate processes of paint stripping, like sanding, using dry ice, the ancient wooden front door. This was followed by particular works of polishing and finishing with 100% natural oils and waxes, deprived of petrochemical-origin elements so as to take to the surface the original appearance of wooden hardware, without altering it.

The work was finally completed with the recovery, where it was necessary, of damaged and corroded frames and boards, with the registration of shutters, hinges and closing systems, bringing the wooden hardware to their full functionality.

Below there are some particulars of before and after:

wooden entrance door before treatment wooden entrance door after treatment





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