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To guarantee duration and excellent performances in aesthetical and functional terms to the wooden hardware of your house, it is a good habit to periodically monitor its aesthetical conditions and its proper functioning, so it's possible, eventually, to intervene in case of need.

Art Nouveau villa in Padua area with windows and exterior doors decorated according to sweet and floral Art Nouveau guidelines.

Straw House

An house built by straw:



Collection of SOLID Interior doors

The elegance of the natural grain meets the strenght and the solidity of the solid wood. Shapes, colours and finishes are combined to give a classic but delicate touch to your home, giving you the sensation of being surrounded by the warmth of real wood.

Wood door with squared transoms and uprights joined together by wire glass where LEDs were applied, available in different sizes, colors and transparencies creating soft light throughout the room effects.

TB Aluminum shutters are an innovative products to protect against cold rain sun and noise.

They allow great energy savings and at the same time they smarten building walls.

Finally we did it! After months of tests and ideas we are glad to present a new proposal to improve your life and your health.

Paying special attention to YOUR needs and to love for nature and wood, we decided to introduce an innovative type of dyes among our range of finishes for the year 2014: the 100% NATURAL FINISHES.

Here at TONDIN PORTE we believe in challenges and in a different way of thinking, and we are aware of the huge potential sustainable technologies have. We consider art as the highest form of energy which creates energy. For these reasons we took the opportunity of joining the ENERGITISMO movement, a movement officially born during the public presentation of Friday 26th October 2012, in the Trissino hall of Fiera di Vicenza.

Italian collection of interior doors - handmade in Italy

"Art is not to represent new things, but to represent them with innovation."
Ugo Foscolo

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