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Wood shutters

Wood shutters Wood shutters

Wooden shading systems were used to be in ancient architecture but, thanks technological evolution of materials they still are an innovative and efficient element.

In addition to traditional cold­rain­sun­noise protection, shading systems allow high energy savings and they are refined aesthetic elements adorning walls of buildings. 

Available openings:

Wooden shutters “Padova style”, ­ “Vicenza style” (also reverse way) and “Venezia style”



Hardware including stainless steel flaps with Cover system processing and black acrylic painting, wooden hinged or wall adjustable, closing espagnolette and external wood painted snap blocks. 

Wood painted with a coat of primer, a bottom insulating and top finishing with water­based paint or lacquer with a primer coat, one insulating and top finishing with water enamel RAL (ADLER products). 
Installation done by our specialists using chemical concrete and brass bushes for closing espagnolette.

Marking: shutters bearing CE mark according to UNI EN 13659:2004 and in accordance to EEC 89/106 Directive and implementing regulation DPR 246/1993.
Available in wide range of finishings, colors and wood essences for bespoke style.



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