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Maintenance of wooden hardware - on Porte & Finestre

Written by  Friday, 06 May 2016
Maintenance of wooden hardware on Porte & Finestre magazine - April 2016 Maintenance of wooden hardware on Porte & Finestre magazine - April 2016

After the purchase of a wooden hardware, some little tricks can help so that its beauty and functionality can last longer

A wooden hardware's maintenance is, in most cases, a very simple operation to do. The cost is minimal, it can be done in total autonomy and it doesn't take much time. A good maintenance includes the regular cleaning of wooden hardware, that has to be done with neutral soaps and soft rag, and the maintenance of garnishes and metalware's functionality.

These simple operations are followed by the application of a toning lotion, which helps to reactivate the surface layer of varnish and acts as a protection, for windows and shutters, against the atmospheric agents.

But sometimes it is necessary to do more than an intervention, like in the example written on the "Porte & Finestre" magazine of April 2016, "Restoration and Maintenance of an ancient wooden front door", the main entrance of an historical villa in Vicenza, where Tondin used a new dry paint stripping technique.

The treatment allowed the door's original appearance to reemerge, highlighting the wood color and grain.

In this link all the details about the restoration and maintenance of an ancient wooden front door.



"Porte & Finestre" magazine by Tecniche Nuove
April 2016




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