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Porta di Luce: Design & Photosyntesis in a door which produces light

Written by  Monday, 29 October 2012
Porta di Luce is the first photovoltaic interior door which produces light Porta di Luce is the first photovoltaic interior door which produces light

Here at TONDIN PORTE we believe in challenges and in a different way of thinking, and we are aware of the huge potential sustainable technologies have. We consider art as the highest form of energy which creates energy. For these reasons we took the opportunity of joining the ENERGITISMO movement, a movement officially born during the public presentation of Friday 26th October 2012, in the Trissino hall of Fiera di Vicenza.


During this event we had the pleasure and the honour of presenting our new prototype of interior door called "PORTA di LUCE" (door of light), a door generated by the fusion between refined aesthetic details and the best electronic technology in the world. Porta di Luce has a neoclassical design and it is lacquered in opaque white. It is decorated by an elegant frame covered in silver leaf. Instead of the usual glasses, 12 transparent and coloured glass units with DSC technology which power some lines of luminous LED have been embedded in the door, in order to create an effect of soft lighting all around the door's perimeter and between the shutters, in the central part of the door.



Porta di Luce is based on the employment of dye-sensitized solar cells of latest generation, which are able to artificially emulate the photosyntesis process, thanks to the use of coloured organic substances which create electric energy when stricken by light. Compared to conventional silicon based photovoltaic technology, this new technology has lower cost and produces electricity more efficiently even in low light conditions. Among the advantages: it does not necessitate o high-priced raw materials, the manufacturing process does not produce toxic emissions, and it has a potential for rapid efficiency enhancement.




"PORTA di LUCE" is, hence, able to automatically generate electric energy without being directly exposed to the sun and to diffuse amazing light effects in the sorrounding environment. All this is managed by control boards, rechargeable batteries (which are concealed in the door frame), and low-power consumption LED lights. This high-level technology is produced by a company which is specialized in the design and realization of sophisticated customized electronic systems.






The decoration of Porta di Luce was realized using silver leaf, a thin foil used for decoration. Its application requires years of workmanship. In addition to silver leaf, gold leaf, copper leaf and bronze leaf are also available.
For more information visit the company's website clicking here



This is just a first concrete example of how sustainable technology can meet art, thanks to our craftsmanship in woodworking, which always assures flexibility and imagination.


Follow us to discover the next steps that TONDIN PORTE will perform together with ENERGITISMO in order to create a better and more ecofriendly world.





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More information about the ENERGITISMO movement here





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