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New collection of interior doors EMPIRE

Written by  Thursday, 22 May 2014
Empire interior doors - modern and classic style meet Empire interior doors - modern and classic style meet

Italian collection of interior doors - handmade in Italy

"Art is not to represent new things, but to represent them with innovation."
Ugo Foscolo

Design solutions and aesthetic details join one another to meet the needs of those who ask a customized offer, giving as a result exclusive objects which stand out for beauty and functionality.

Francesco Crestani e Alberto Bellot - the designer of the Empire Collection

These have been the guidelines that the two young designers, Francesco Crestani and Alberto Bellot, have followed in order to design the new collection of interior doors EMPIRE, a collection where the classic and modern meet, in a new light.


The new collection of Italian doors is characterized, in fact, by a linear and minimalistic aspect, which is however enriched by some precious architectural details, such as for example the embossed hand-crafted production with gold, silver, copper and bronze leafmarquetries, or original and careful combinations of different materials and finishes.


These are, then, the most interesting details, which identify the new EMPIRE collection of interior doors:

door leaf detail - three panels
The design of the door leaf is characterized by a flat base from which three panels emerge (three per each of the two sides), which are co-planar to the door linings.

The panels of the door recall a classic line, but at the same time they reinterpret the entire design of the door in the central panel (the one with the handle), which only on one side reaches the door border and meets the linings.



gold and silver leaf decoration

Another identifying feature is represented by the decoration contours with 45° edge, which frame the panels of the door leaf and the door linings.
In the VISUAL model, these decoration contours are in the same finish of the panels, be it a wooden finish or a laquered one, creating a fine and delicate trick of lights and shadows.
On the other hand, in the ECLECTIC model, the decoration contour with 45° edge have been designed as a classic decoration element, for those who love daring; they are proposed, hence, in gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, or bronze leaf.
The materilas were combined with particular hand-crafted care, creating effects which embellish the door and give it a unique and immediately recognizable character.
The customisations which can be created are numerous and they can reflect the taste and personality of whom chooses it.
The door, in fact, can be veneered with various woods or it can be lacquered. The finishes can be different between the door and the applied panels, giving a final aesthetic result with infinite combinations: tone on tone nuances or colour contrast.


It is available also with the sustainable and eco-friendly paints from the Natural Finish range.

reverse opening

The door was originally designed with a reversed opening (a pushing opening, with the door leaf opening inside the room, but still coplanar with the corridor outside), in order to emphasize the coplanarity of the door leaf with the door linings and have as a result the frame and walls perfectly flush. It is possible, however, to realize it also with the usual pulling opening.

The silent and fluid opening and closing movement of the interior door is given by the use of the magnetic latch, of the concealed and adjustable hinges on three axes and by the soft perimetral acoustic gasket.




Would you like to know more about the new
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