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The news 2012 for our range of products

Written by  Monday, 02 July 2012
The news 2012 for our range of products The news 2012 for our range of products

The news 2012 for our range of products:

binario porta interna scorrevole esterno muro

Sliding outside the wall doors

The offer of Tondin's doors is widened with two new and exclusive types of opening for sliding outside the wall doors. These innovative systems, which can be applied to all the doors of the Plane and Modules collections, have been studied to guarantee a modern and minimalistic design.

These Tondin's special rail substitute the traditional wood barge-board, concealing nonetheless the sliding mechanisms.
The first of the two choices consists of an essential rail installed on the wall (rectangular shape). With this system, the door slides overlapping the rail. The distinctive trait of this system is that the rail is used as a decoration element.

The second novelty favours, on the other hand, essentiality. With this rail, in fact, the sliding mechanisms completely disappear when the door is closed, while when the door is opening the rail extends on the wall thanks to special telescopic mechanisms. 



Invisible hinges

This new type of hinges can be applied to all the collections of Tondin's interior doors which have a swing opening style and can be requested instead of the standard pivot hinges to obtain a particularly elegant and refined solution.
These new hinges, which are rigorously adjustable on the three axes, offer special aesthetic advantages: thanks to a specific study of jambs and casing, the appearance of the door does not change compared to the system of hinges so far used, thus maintaining the overlap of the casing on the jamb and the coplanarity of the door.



Tondin Porte is always attentive to the needs of modern houses. We studied, therefore, a solution which could favour the harmony between the various elements of a home.

From this attention springs the "OPPOSITE Swing Opening Style", which can be applied to all the door models of the PLANE, PANTOGRAPH and MODULES Collections.

Thanks to this innovative solution, the door is perfectly coplanar to the casing and it can be opened with a push mechanism. This is allowed by a special integration between door and jamb, which includes the use of adjustable invisible hinges.


New finishes

New and innovative finishes are coming soon! By the end of the summer new colours and effets which can be applied to all Tondin's collections will be available, in order to offer fashionable, elegant and refined solutions in line with the latest trends!










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