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Interior Doors

Interior doors collection EMPIRE

"Art does not consist in representing something new but in representing them with novelty." Ugo Foscolo

The new EMPIRE collection came by the idea of reviving a timeless classic in a modern key, enriching it with elegance and personality.

Interior doors collection MODULES


A new idea arising by the exclusive matching of different colors and elements. Innovative materials used to shape exclusive doors.
Possibility to create your own personalized door Modules playing with infinite possibilities. 
The original design and the countless combinations of materials have allowed this line exclusive applications.
The door is characterized by a sash with coplanar various modules assembled together.
The size and the color scheme enhance its alternative character.

Interior doors collection WALL SYSTEM

The simple and essential style hides a careful research to enhance the perfection ... the result? A mixture of refined exclusivity, a good deal of precious elegance and a touch of magic.

The doors of the Wall System collection are available for all models of the Plane and Pantograph collection.

Interior doors collection PLANE


Exclusive lines, clean and pure, leaving free rein to your imagination in a whirlwind of shapes drawn by the creativity.
The new Plane doors collection becomes piece of furniture and a sign in time to create a contemporary and versatile, full of life house.
Open the doors of your mind and project your imagination into a house signed by Tondin.


Interior doors collection PANTOGRAPH

Mark, creativity and innovation to create definite and prestigious lines.
This new collection of interior doors, designed and built with craftsmanship and art, was born from stylistic research of light games and shadows for a contemporary reinterpretation of classic forms and to release a style characterized by a strong appeal and a strong personality.

Interior doors collection SQUARE


Heart or reason, charm or simplicity, geometry or creativity.
Square is all this, perfect shapes and absolute symmetry fused together to give light to refined innovative doors.
The imperceptible overlapping levels merge with the wisely intersected vein to give life to unexpected charms of a detail always harmonious and trendy.


Interior doors collection DIAMOND

The Greeks in the ancient times believed diamonds to be splinters of stars fallen on earth. A few of them even said that they were tears of gods.
The collection DIAMOND regains diamond shapes in sawmilling to achieve harmonic and delicate doors labeled by perfect balance between uniqueness and luxury. Diamond, style details for a singular unique door.


Interior doors collection CURVE

The mind travels free, the eyes alight on soft and sinuous details that create exclusive doors, memory of a classic style which is able to reinterpret itself in an elegant and sophisticated contemporary style.
The balance of the forms is enhanced by an absolute proportion of all the elements, to awaken feelings and unexplored desires.
Prestigious essences recline on soft shapes in the name of a living style.


Collection of SOLID Interior doors

The elegance of the natural grain meets the strenght and the solidity of the solid wood. Shapes, colours and finishes are combined to give a classic but delicate touch to your home, giving you the sensation of being surrounded by the warmth of real wood.

Wood door with squared transoms and uprights joined together by wire glass where LEDs were applied, available in different sizes, colors and transparencies creating soft light throughout the room effects.

Glazing collection for interior doors

Creativity and design come together to create light and coloured atmospheres that excite and make your living spaces bright.
Craft experience glasses become a value enhancing design signed by Tondin.


Available woods and finishes for Tondin’s interior door collections 



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