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Window certification


Tondin’s windows are realized in accordance to EU Regulation 305/2011 relating to construction products and are bearing the mandatory CE Mark. FWe undergone to production control as required by UNI EN 14351­1 all our windows, Frenchdoors and front doors. 
To be considered fit for use, external windows must respect policies concerning:


igiene-salute-ambiente   HYGIENE , HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT
sicurezza-impiego   SAFETY IN USE
protezione-contro-rumore   SOUND PROTECTION
risparmio-energetico   ENERGY SAVING and HEAT RETENTION   


Specific requirements that must be fulfill are:


THERMAL TRANSMITTANCEit means the average heat flux passing, per each surface square meter, through a window separating two spaces at different temperatures (for example an external heated space, or by a non­heated) and it indicates the heat dispersion window causes through its surface, or the ability of the window to ensure thermal insulation. To determine it a calculation method in accordance to UNI EN ISO and a test method are used.
Performance coefficients are:

Uw = window thermal transmittance
Uf = frame thermal transmittance
Ug = glazing thermal transmittance

Main goal is to define a Uw coefficient (expressed in W/m2K) indicating quantity of energy (heat / cooling) window dissipates through its surface. Lower coefficient value, better will be thermal performance.
Uw value must be reported by planned in accordance to climate zone in the specification.



SOUNDPROOFcapability of the window to isolate spaces from noise, offering passive protection and keeping internal house space quiet and noiseless. 
Value is measured using a direct test method or an estimation one up to Rw 38 dB, in addition to laboratory tests. 
Main goal is to define soundproof level, through a value indicating sound reduction index, expressed in dB and mentioned in Rw. Window Rw value is composed by several elements: lazing, gaskets number, installation system.

Planner must ask for Rw value in accordance to standards mentioned on DPCM dated 1997.



AIR PERMEABILITY: capability of windows to allow air infiltration, when closed. Air tightness therefore defines the flow through the window between fixed part (frame) and movable one (sash) Standards indicate 5 air permeability, from 0 to 4; better is the Class 4.


Excellent air permeability permits to avoid drafts including noise and humidity (passing with air). An excellent installing system secures also a better air permeability of window. 


WIND LOAD RESISTANCEcapability of windows to stop wind and keep safety performances and functionality even when under severe pressure and depression. Also this requirements is based in non­installed window. It must be strong to avoid any distortion under wind pressure and good elastic capability to avoid warps after wind load. 


WATERPROOF: capability of windows to protect from water infiltration in case of heavy rain and strong wind, reference is made to non­installed window. Standards indicate 9 classes, from 1A to 9A; better is the Class 9A indicating an excellent waterproof window. Special attention must be paid to gasket or to glazing sealing, considered weaknesses in a window.
Crucial importance is also the correct sizing of the window and opening and fixed parts must adhere to perfection. To assure this, an excellent installation will be required to allow a perfect water watertight. 


MECHANICAL TESTS: they include some evidence determining necessary efforts for opening and closing the window, to test its behavior when mechanically stressed, simulating incorrect movements, to assess stop and opening devices and to verify window durability and its accessories.





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