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Wooden-Alu windows Classic

wooden-alu windows Classic - elegance and strength in a sole window wooden-alu windows Classic - elegance and strength in a sole window

Collection of wooden-alu windows CLASSIC

Wood elegance and aluminum strength meet in the wood-aluminum window.

Outside, aluminum guarantees maximum performance concerning insulation, durability and safety; inside, wood offers a warm and pleasant line, suitable for internals.



Laminated timber (whole external element) and external aluminum cladding
Window sashes and French-door section 68 x 126 mm (sash including alu 85,5 x 81mm)
French-doors sashes with 5 closing Yale lock section 92 x 110 mm
Fix frame section 68 x 80 mm (sash including alu 85,5 x 126 mm)
Fix frame section 68 x 70 mm + alu cladding

  • LE glazing, accident prevention (in accordance to Standard UNI 7697:2014)
  • Triple soundproofing gasket
  • Alu drip tray with external side wood cladding on windows
  • In French-doors thermal cut alu threshold (where mentioned)
  • T&T Maico hardware with 3D hinges, or adjustable high capacity 3D hinges on Yale lock French-door
    All galvanized hardware with PVC cleddings, color matched to handles

  • Internal and external linings
  • Solely water based surface coating, one wood-stain coat, one or two insulation coats and finishing with weather conditions high resistance varnish ( ADLER HIGHRES® products)
    NATURAL VARNISH: alternatively to water varnish, available NATURAL FINISH made by oils and waxes, 100% eco-friendlier and vegetable/mineral derivation

  • External alu cladding, welded corners for lacquered finishes and jointed corners for Decor finishes, clips connection to wood.



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