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Thermo box

Thermo box to increase windows thermic isolation Thermo box to increase windows thermic isolation

The energy saving starts from afar: Thermocasse FV4 for an efficient joint installation.
Joint installation includes all elements between wall and window: primary node between subframe and wall, and the secondary one between window and subframe.

Thermo Boxes constitute an exceptional protection against weather agents and temperature changes of the primary node between wall and subframe.

Nonetheless they help to define the window space, set the right dimension for flooring and plasters and the window mechanical anchorage like regular subframes; furthermore they can be designed to include within them also the proper space for various darkening systems, such as sunscreens, mosquito nets and shutters.

Thermo boxes provide excellent sealing performances concerning waterproof and thermal insulation properties, allowing the house to have remarkable energy-saving performances.




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