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Adriano Tondin - Founder

Adriano Tondin, the founder of the company and father of Luca Adriano Tondin, the founder of the company and father of Luca

The Origins:

and passion,
two vital ingredients
for a big project.

“I look with pride at Tondin Porte, the company I passed to my son Luca who is running now a business started in 1927 by my father. By passion and hard work, sacrificing vacation and Sundays, I created a small company producing windows and doors and wooden furniture for local clientele.
I always involved my son Luca in my work. I wished to convey to him passion for work and transmit to him fundamental values of my life and my business: exactitude, accuracy, quality, disposal, attitude and education.
Together with Luca my small business took life becoming Falegnameria Tondin where we both worked to a larger project to provide a tailored quality service. Now Luca took his own route and his company, Tondin Porte, is the expression underpinning our values and identity.
I’m so proud of the company and of the entire team working in it because everybody works with same passion I had as a child and I always saw in my son’s eyes”.



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