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Luca Tondin - Owner


Tondin Porte is the expression of my desire and my enthusiasm, my dreams and my personal ambitions. I’m identifying with my company because, like me, it is daily evolving to improve itself. Improve the world around us leaving a mark, is a work-private life duty .

I’m grateful to my father for bringing this work to my attention and mostly for conveying the same passion and values that have made my dad a great man, and which now indicate the course of my life and my business.


Thanks to my family, to some specific experiences occurred, that have had an effect on the workings, and to several training courses I understood that Tondin Porte has to become the expression of my dreams and my sound moral principles and that I have to work in a surrounding of peace in which the staff shares the same vision.


I believe in honesty, clarity and precision and these ideals are reflected in highest quality doors, completely realized in Italy with special detail care and sophisticated design.
I love what I do, and I put great considerable passion and energy of myself into it, in return for happiness and gratification.

I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves to get things done and we are on track to meet the objectives. I’m going to lead Tondin Porte following my heart, based on my own values, pursuing with perseverance and discipline my vision, which is daily shared with my family and with the people that help me to achieve this great dream.”



“Be different” in my opinion means being guided by ones own principles and in my company these are the daily guidance. Missing them, growth can not be true because values are cornerstones making great also small companies.
I always ask people working at me to share them, and mostly I ask for cooperation, honesty, humility and determination.



In 1927 my grandfather started his own business as carpentry in our small town and the family tradition began. The real business started in 1927 with my father running the company up to 1995, he then handed over to me the factory. The keyword from the beginning has been "quality". All efforts, day by day, led to a well-made and durable product in accordance to accuracy, sharing and clarity.



Tondin Porte, as consumer-friendly company, works with a systemic vision offering collaboration and service to customers through clear, concise and especially simple communication. Immediate benefits of this working way are direct, efficient and easy answers. I always support and stand next to customers to figure out their individual needs, to pay close attention to their likes and dislikes and expectations.



My biggest goal is to shape my company so that people feels comfortable and excited working in it. Persisting in projects sharing, allowing everybody to be a contributor for products and management, I’ll be able to get out a company and a better world than have ever been seen.



My daily commitment and that of Tondin Porte consists in being always the best ones. Our mission is to design and produce, completely in Italy, interior wood doors for domestic and international market, with refined design and care of details to obtain truly excellent, bespoke and purposeful doors made using non-toxic selected products with respect for human beings and the environment.



Tondin Porte, constantly looking to improvement, is conducted in accordance with the Rules of Procedure ISO 9001 and recently certification paths for FSC® and LEED® have been undertaken. Daily we attend courses, read and study for better straightaway.
We are just doing our best to produce impressive results.





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