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LEED® and FSC® Certifications

Sustainability and environmental care mean respect for ourselves and our own health, as well as of those of future generations. Saying it is not enough; the commitment to the planet hosting us should be proven by striving: here is what FSC® and LEED® certifications are for.


logo-certificazione-fscFSC ® Certification
We are aware of the obligations we have towards the surrounding environment, and that's why we are certified according Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, to ensure our customers that the wood used to realize our doors comes exclusively from responsibly managed forests and in a way respecting the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations.

LEED® Rating System
We have continued with the LEED® mapping, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, where technical experts LEED® AP have assigned scores adapted to the characteristics of our products in order to a suitable recognition performance in energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions of each building under construction.

To achieve that result, the buzzword has been sustainability, in every respect. The used woods come exclusively from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental standards, as required by the FSC® certification recently achieved.
In the manufacturing process only minimized toxic substances materials and coatings are used.


Those choosing a TONDIN’s door are sure to get an elegant, long lasting, reliable and a genuine product with a "green" soul because it is made only from natural and sustainable raw materials.

The contribution of TONDIN’s internal doors is shown in the chart below:


  LEED    Credit   Points  Title  Features
  MR C2

  From 1
to 2

 Waste Mgmt Plan

 Recyclable Packaging

  MR C4  From 1
to 2
 Recycled Content  Postconsumer Content
  MR C5   1

Regional Materials (when

 Production site defined

  MR C7   1  Certified Wood FSC Certification available
  QI C 3.2   1

Construction IAQ Plan: before Occupancy

 Low VOC
  QI C 4.4   1

Low emitting materials: composite wood

 No added urea-formaldehyde

  QI P3 e C9

(only for LEED for Schools)


 and from 1 to 2

 Acoustical Performance

Design & components contribute
towards ANSI &
STC Standards


174 - UKAS  Interface BW 9001 Logo - V2.0

ISO 9001 Certification

TONDIN PORTE would like to stay at customer disposal to suit their desires and reach the maximum customer satisfaction.
The realized doors have a sophisticated design and are able to excite the customer and to fuse with the environment.
We offer to our customers the quality of an entirely made in Italy product, designed and built in respect of the environment hosting us.
To ensure an excellent standard we implemented the Quality Management System ISO 9001 guiding everything everyday and every small gesture towards maximum satisfaction of every customer trusting on our experience.

energitismo-logoENERGITISMO Partner
Dicover Human Treasures - a movement created to bind sustainable technologies and precious hand-crafted objects.
Tondin Porte has been among the first companies who joined the manifesto of Energitismo. With an innovative project, in fact, it was decided to realize Porta di Luce, the first photovoltaic door in the world.
Art is the highest form of energy which generates energy and when united to the enormous potential of sustainable energies it gives birth to marvellous and unique creations.
This is the true Renaissance of our precious land and of our skilled artisans.


Who said that sustainability must be absolutely ugly?












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