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Windows Care Service


A proper maintenance of windows is an essential condition so that they can last over time without losing beauty and performance. Our technicians are always at your service to ensure that your windows are always as good as when you have first installed them.


Essential for a good maintenance of interior doors and windows is to keep them clean, to avoid any dust or grease layers.
For an optimal cleaning of interior doors and wooden windows no special products are needed, just warm water and a bit of soap, as shown in the video below.



Which are maintenance operations for wooden and alu-wooden windows?

Three suggested operations:

kit manutenzione ADLER TOP - FINISHMaintenance kit ADLER TOP - FINISH


Using ADLER TOP-FINISH maintenance kit it will be simple and fast to take care of windows.
A simple intervention will reset protection against:

                  • sun
                  • wind
                  • humidity
                  • sudden changes of temperature
                  • fungi and insects

For excellent results, prior to maintenance operations, make sure the windows are clean from dirt and dust.


manutenzione serramenti 2


1. Shake the container before use

manutenzione serramenti 3 2. apply a thin even layer of product with a cleaning cloth on prewashed and dry surfaces, proceeding from the top downwards;
manutenzione serramenti 4

3. wait until completely dry before closing the doors and windows (after about 12 hours)

while applying, the windows should not be exposed to the sun!

* For additional information about applying TOP - FINISH, please download the attached guide, at the bottom of this page.

When should you use it?


Frequency application depends greatly from exposure of windows. Generally it should be implemented after two years from the date of installation (in spring or fall) and then repeated every year for most exposed shutters, every 2 for those less exposed to elements.
Also fit the wooden parts of the windows more exposed to sun and water, on average every 2/3 years or so.

It is recommended to require information to our engineers prior to performing the treatment.





Excellent flow opening of the windows is also due to the correct adjustment of hardware.
The setting of hinges and other components allows to maintain the simplicity of use of the window frame, no opening and closing difficulties, limiting stress due to movement and keeping intact the performance of the seals.
This operation is highly delicate and must be performed with extreme care and attention, in order to restore the original position of the hardware ( adjustable in lateral direction, depth and height).


Our advice is always to consult a specialist.



Every 2 years, or if need arises, the lubrication of movable parts and closing points should be provided, to enable the window to slide more smoothly and quietly.

Our advice is to grease all moving parts of the hardware (eg. hinges, encounters, closing rods, etc.) with a special lubricant at a rate matching to their exposure to elements.





Realizable interventions:

- Registration

- Replacement of damaged hardware


What you can do:

- Cleaning the windows

- Touching up windows




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